SLP Mode was (is?) a recording speed on VCRs. It stood for “super long play.” You could fit a ton of stuff on one tape, but it looked kind of crummy.

This is the home for my stuff.

Matt Wild
Co-founder and editor of Milwaukee Record, 2014-present
Music, culture, gentle sarcasm.

Co-host of WMSE’s The Disclaimer, 2010-present
Discuss Milwaukee music, art, and culture with Ryan Schleicher and Evan Rytlewski. Broadcast live every Wednesday at noon.

Freelance writer for The A.V. Club, 2011-2014
Pitched and wrote feature stories, record reviews, etc. Contributed to Inventory lists, Q&As, etc.

Freelance writer for Milwaukee MagazineThird Coast Daily, 2014
Pitched and wrote stories about Milwaukee music, art, and culture.

City Editor for A.V. Club Milwaukee (R.I.P.), 2011-2013; Freelance writer for A.V. Club Milwaukee, 2009-2011
Former editor of the Milwaukee arm of The A.V. Club and The Onion both online and in print. Wrote and edited daily content relating to Milwaukee music, art, and culture. Assembled and worked with a team of local freelancers, maintained detailed entertainment calendar, managed social media presence. Had a ball. Scrapped, yelled, mixed it up. Loved every minute with that damn crew.